Our Services

BedRock Siteworks has many years of experience offering these services individually and in combination. We help you understand how foundations work and aid you in choosing the right foundation design for your building. We can guide you through the entire process; from helping you choose the right size for your structure, to applying for a building permit, performing the installation, and finishing the site work required.

BedRock Siteworks focuses primarily on site preparation, foundations, driveways, excavation, and retaining walls. In addition, we also do projects that do not involve structures, including re-grading, leveling, water lines, drainage systems, and trenching.

When you need to remove an old structure to create space for a new one, we do the demolition and removal of the existing structure.

Stone Base Foundations

Stone and concrete base foundations

For concrete-free foundations, your ground must be brought to a level grade, and in some cases a retaining wall may be needed to extend or to level your site.

Concrete Foundations

Concrete foundations

Bring your ground to a level grade and build a strong concrete foundation for your building.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls and barriers

Increase usable space and prevent erosion with well designed and built retaining walls.

Storm Water Management

Storm water management

Storm water management is key to the long life of your building or property and enhances it’s usefulness. It is likely a requirement for any construction project. Each case needs a proper design and expert installation.


Demolition and site clearing

Old, falling down buildings, brush, and other site material is removed before our site work begins.