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Concrete Foundations

Concrete foundations

BedRock Siteworks brings your site to a level grade. Concrete is strong, durable, and is the best solution for horse barns, pole barns, garages, cabins, and sun porches. The type of foundation that’s best for your situation depends on the type of building that you’re installing. We work with you to determine which of the concrete foundation options best meets your budget and is best for the characteristics of your site. We may suggest using a retaining wall to extend the level area.

Another important consideration is to make sure the foundation exactly matches the shape of your building. As an example, a gazebo, a cabana, or a pavilion may be octagonal, square, or rectangular. Buildings come in many sizes and shapes, and our attention to detail guarantees your foundation is exactly the right size and shape for your structure.

Some townships require horse barns to rest on concrete pillars.