Primary Service

Site Preparation and Excavation

Excavation and site preparation

Preparation for Building

We prepare and excavate ground according to your building plan. Or, BedRock Siteworks can design the site for you. You can be confident when your builders arrive, the site is completely ready for them to get right to work.

BedRock Siteworks serves residential, agricultural, and commercial clients.

Agricultural Projects

Agricultural excavation work and site preparation can support:

  • pole barns,
  • garages,
  • horse arenas,
  • horse barns,
  • sheds,
  • and other agricultural buildings.
Site preparation for agricultural buildings
Site preparation and foundations for agricultural buildings.

Each of these facilities has different foundation requirements. For example, if you’re building an area for horses to run, you’ll have different needs than if you’re building an arena for jumping. And, regardless of what your use for your building is, BedRock helps you make the right choices for the base it rests on.



Regrading a site
Regrading a site for optimum use.

After your site is clean and free of the old structure, BedRock Siteworks optimizes your site by re-grading and excavating the land.

Residential Projects

Residential clients call on us when they’re building:

  • A storage shed
  • A gazebo where they can sit and enjoy the warm weather
  • A swing set for children
  • A new driveway, either gravel or concrete
  • Retaining walls to increase the enjoyable space in your yard
  • Water Management Systems to keep water out of basements, streams, and neighbors’ properties
Residential customers
A stone base foundation for a residential customer.