Chesapeake Bay Watershed Pollutant Reduction

Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Reduction
Chesapeake Bay sediment plume
Chesapeake Bay sediment plume from storm water runoff September 13, 2011.

Bedrock Siteworks is located in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. There is a significant relationship between land use in the watershed and the health of the bay. Two areas of land use figure prominently; agricultural use and construction.

For construction, the issue is containing storm water within property boundaries. In recent years, nearly every county or urban area within the watershed has created regulations that are aimed at keeping the Chesapeake Bay healthy and clean through severely limiting runoff. Any construction project likely requires a storm water management plan or assessment. Bedrock Siteworks provides these assessments and plans and designs and implements storm water containment plans.

In addition, managing water and how it drains is absolutely necessary to protect your structure. If rain water doesn’t drain away from your building, damage and erosion is very likely to occur. To protect your investment, we highly recommend a water management system to carry water away from your building so it does no damage. The needs are unique for every property. One may require just a re-grading, while another needs a French drain. We help you determine the water management system and erosion control that is best for you.

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Map
The Chesapeake Bay Watershed is contained in parts of six states (Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York) and Washington, D.C. and covers 64,000 square miles.