Drainage and Erosion Solutions

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(Storm Water Management)

Drainage Solutions

Proper grading is crucial to proper storm water management and erosion control. Drainage solutions are needed when you have;

  • water problems or mold in your basement,
  • a saturated yard,
  • erosion,
  • or standing water issues that lead to insect and mosquito problems.

Managing water and how it drains is absolutely necessary to protect your buildings and your property. A French drain is our most popular option for water management and is able to remediate problems from flash flooding.

Our Drainage Options

Dry creek bed

Dry Creek Bed

A dry creek bed funnels surface water from the edge of the property or the border of the structure. It works as a natural swale above ground to quickly divert surface water and can be aesthetically pleasing as well. Dry creek beds help to contain storm water and allow it to soak into the ground before it creates an erosion problem.

French Drain Filtration System

French Drain Filtration System

The French drain filtration system funnels runoff water from a roof or other surface into a piping system below ground. It is filtered through a clean-out enclosure with a removable lid, collecting any debris or sediment. The water permeates into the underground stone system.

Pumped storm water collection system

Pumped Storm Water Collection System

A pumped storm water collection system design is for conserving your own surface water. It features an underground holding tank and a pump. You can use the stored water and harvest it through the pumping system. This water can be reused to water your garden, fill your pool, or be redirected to an animal’s water trough.

Regrading and seeding grass around the rear of the house

Storm Water Diversion System

The storm water diversion system diverts water away from a structure and safely contains it to control erosion. It takes impervious water off of the roof or other surface, redirecting it through underground pipe that takes water to an area where it can safely drain.

Site excavation and preparation with storm water management A project in Quakertown, PA uses a diversion system from the roof of a new shed into an adjacent pond. The perimeter banks of the pond help to contain the additional water and a new spill-way at the far end allows excess water to flow to an area of wetlands.