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Excavating and Site Preparation

Excavation and site preparation

We excavate and prepare the ground according to your building plan. Or, BedRock Siteworks can help design the site for you. You can be confident when your builders arrive, the site is completely ready for them to get right to work.

Each structure type has different foundation requirements, but in all cases, BedRock Siteworks excavates and levels the site for the construction of the building. After the structure is built, we return to perform final grading, to ensure proper drainage, and to divert surface water away from the building.

Regardless of the use for your building, BedRock Siteworks helps you make the right choices.

Site Re-grading

Whether you are building a structure or just changing the grade to make a property more useful, we can help your excavation project succeed.

Regrading a site
Regrading and excavating a site for optimum use.

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Agricultural Excavation Projects

Agricultural excavation projects can include: pole barns, garages, horse barns, equine arenas or other equestrian buildings, sheds and other agricultural uses.

Site preparation for agricultural buildings
Site preparation and foundations for agricultural buildings.

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Residential Excavation Projects

Residential excavation and site preparation projects are often smaller scale and can include regrading for: storage sheds, gazebos, play areas, driveways, retaining walls, as well as storm water management solutions.

Residential customers
A stone base foundation for a residential customer.

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