Agricultural Excavation Projects

Agricultural buildings and area often have special grading and excavation requirements and on a much larger scale. All agricultural buildings need a level site and often a concrete foundation. For a lasting build, the ground must be excavated to keep storm water away from the building and typically managed on-site.

Pole Barns

Pole barns are a popular agricultural building because of the ease of construction and simplicity of the build. Pole barns do not have a fixed foundation but have poles set in concrete along the perimeter of the building.

Site preparation for agricultural buildings
Site preparation and excavation for pole barn in an agricultural application.

Multilevel Horse Barns

Properties with slope can be regraded or you can take advantage of the slope to create a multilevel agricultural building. This is often advantageous because the building can have ground access on more than one level. A bank barn can be used to take advantage of a sloping site and allow multi-level access to the barn easily.

Horse barn front with level entrance western shore
Front of a horse barn shows multi-level entrances graded on sloped site.