Resolve Property Drainage Issues New Hope PA

Dry creek bed Y

This property had water and drainage issues that caused a swampy and unusable yard. Storm water often flooded the lawn and washed out and eroded the driveway.

Dry creek bed
A dry creek bed gives excess storm water places to drain and infiltrate back to the ground.

The lowest part of the lawn became a dry creek bed and the slope of the property is used to drain and infiltrate the excess water.

Storm water piping to the dry creek bed
Storm water from the house is piped to the dry creek bed.
Storm water collection from downspouts
Storm water is collected from downspouts around the house.

The driveway was regraded and topped off with fresh stone. Now all the storm water is caught and directed to where it can infiltrate and not cause property damage.

Regraded stone driveway exit
Regraded stone driveway exit is no longer susceptible to storm water erosion.
Gravel driveway around garage
A new gravel driveway provides access to the garage and slopes to allow proper drainage.